Wild Hibiscus Flowers with Chevre

February 17, 2024 17:28

Wild Hibiscus Flowers with Chevre


A classic and easy to do for a fun starter when short on time.

1 jar (8.8oz) Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup
1 small (8-oz) roll of Chevre (goat’s cheese)
Chives cut into two inch pieces
Fresh black pepper

Drain hibiscus flowers and set aside (reserve syrup for other applications like vinaigrettes or drizzling across pancakes)

Pinch off small amounts of cheese to roll into 11 equal sized, neat round balls then gently push a ball of Chevre into each reserved Wild Hibiscus Flower. Lay a cut chive piece across the top and then grind a sprinkle of fresh black pepper across the top. Serve immediately or prepare ahead of time.