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Our Customers

 Who Uses Our Products?

Industry Professionals

Bartenders and Mixologists
Event and PR Managers (See some of our Media)
Wedding Planners 

Our products are used throughout the food and beverage, hospitality and events industry, internationally and on a daily basis. 

They feature in food and cocktail competitions  (such as Tales of The Cocktail) and on many great menus such as the Blueberry Hibiscus Sparkling Cocktail at Lexington's, New York City and the b'Lure cocktail at The Rook, Sydney.


Party Goers
Cocktail Lovers
Wedding Parties
Health Nuts - especially for our 100% pure Flower Teas
Ladies and Gentleman
Grown-Ups and Children 

Wild Hibiscus products have become the pantry staple for foodies and cocktail lovers and made the tradition for celebrations like birthdays, New Years Eve and Christmas.

WildLife Logo
We love our customers, the creative ways they use our products in food and beverages and the great venues, events and celebrations they are featured at. 

We like to refer to this as the WildLife - The People and Professions Who Love Wild Hibiscus Flower Co and Products.

See who is using our products, where and how they are being used as we pay tribute to our WildLife on our Social Media and Online Blogs.

Where are Wild Hibiscus Products Used?

You name it!

If there is something fun and enjoyable happening, you can use Any Excuse for Wild Hibiscus.

New Years Eve
Hens Nights
Dining Out and In
Public Relations Events
Mothers Day
Valentine's Day
Weekend Retreats
Thanks Giving
Holiday Season Gatherings

Why our Customers Love our Products

Our Products are Delicious

You may be wondering...what's all the fuss about Wild Hibiscus Flower products - or maybe you've known for some time already.

Our customers generally tell us it's the fun, classy, delicious and honest aspects about our products that they love.  Since early on this has been the foundation for taking our products around the globe today.

We are The Original

Our Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup were the very first commercial product of its kind. 

We are known and trusted to have the highest quality and best reputation among our farmers, industry, customers and consumers.

Our Products are All Natural

We don't use chemicals, pesticides or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in our farms and production.

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Some Great Reasons Why You Might be Visiting Us

You've heard about those FLOWERS YOU HAVE IN CHAMPAGNE and want to try them. 

You are adventurous and LIKE TO TRY UNIQUE FOODS & FLAVORS - you'd be the first to eat a flower!

You'd like to throw a PARTY WITH A LITTLE EXTRA FLAIR to dazzle your friends.

You like to INDULGE IN LIFE'S LITTLE PLEASURES, with or without your friends.

You're a real FOODIE and / or a COCKTAIL LOVER.

You are in the food and beverage industry and want to CREATE STAND-OUT MENU ITEMS that your guests will rave about and come back for more. 

You're looking for A UNIQUE GIFT - our products are great to package together with a bottle of bubbly or a nice set of cocktail glasses!

You have STARTED A TRADITION of only drinking sparkling wine (responsibly of course) with a Wild Hibiscus Flower in the flute or absolutely must having Wild Hibiscus at Christmas dinner.


You might be a bit of a health nut and you've HEARD ABOUT THE NATURAL GOODNESS of edible flowers like those in our Heart-Tea Flower Tea range. 

You like to experiment and you need some unique ingredients to INVENT A GREAT FOOD OR COCKTAIL RECIPE.

YOUR KIDS WOULD LOVE IT for you to make them a flower drink - our products have 0% alcohol in them and kids love the flower flavors.