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Import, Export & Capabilities

Australian Bushfood Specialists

In addition to Wild Hibiscus Flower Co., since 1998 we have also produced and distributed a full range of Australian native food products.  

We have established many strong business relationships with commercial farmers of various sizes and locations across Australia - some very remote and small operations.  This is no simple task and requires significant knowledge of Australia's geography, natural history, climate and local environments.

FINAL KNFDue to the rarity of many of the native fruits and spices and niche market of these products, we limit our distribution to consumers, retailers and restaurants within Australia and online international consumer orders.

Market Leaders in Edible Flower Products

We have spearheaded the market with our hibiscus flower products and are the experts on production and associated farming techniques.  We are a solid genuine business who knows their stuff! 

Our company is directly involved in the import, export and distribution of our products whilst also fully supporting the retail market.

We also have a large international network of distributors.  Overall we have a firm infrastructure in place for warehouse and distribution of our products for many local markets and are vertically integrated from farming to production to sales.

We export to all over the world including the UK, Europe, United States, Canada, Asia, New Zealand and South Africa.


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Vertically Integrated

We know exactly what goes into the farming and manufacturing of our products and can give a long-standing quality and all-natural guarantee.  We are vertically integrated from farm to sales and therefore have control over our quality standards and customer responsiveness.


  • our process facilities
  • our quality standards
  • our farms & growers network
  • joint developed farming techniques
  • environment & community sustainability


  • our research & development
  • our product innovation
  • our passion
  • our team & family
  • our factory


  • exporting to over 50 countries
  • firm distributions channels & partners
  • self import to Europe and North America where we have national warehousing and distributors

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