"Fire and Ice" Butterfly Pea Flower Cocktail aka The Whitewalker

July 23, 2018 20:29
"Michael Cadden, Lead/personality Bartender, Heartwood Provisions, 10311 Sandpoint Way NE Seattle, Wasgington"
Makes 1 Cocktail
This recipe was submitted as part of the official Tales Of the Cocktail Competition 2018, New Orleans, LA, USA
Fire and Ice (AKA The White Walker) Butterfly Pea Flower / Wild Hibiscus Cocktail

Glass Used: Collins Glass or Coupe


2 oz. Rutte Old Simon Genever
2 oz Pea Milk and Kumquat syrup
1 oz Lemon Juice
3 dash El Guapo Polynesian Kiss Bitters
2 oz G.H. Mumm Champagne

Combine Genever, Syrup, Lemon Juice and bitters ion to a mixing tin, add fresh ice and shake.  Double strain into a collins glass or flute and add G.H. Mumm Champagne.

Add blue ice cubes with Hibiscus flower frozen on to the top.


Garnished with Hibiscus Flower from Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. frozen onto a stack of 4 blue ice cubes( The ice cubes just have b'Lure Butterfly Pea Flower coloring in them, they are not to influence the flavor).


The inspiration of this cocktail is the garnish itself, four blue cubes with a Candied Hibiscus flower frozen on the top cube. When dropped into the milky cocktail it creates my version of a Game of Thrones tribute! Winter is here!