Butterfly Pea Flower Color Changing Ice

July 13, 2015 18:33
You can use b'Lure Flower Extract or the Heart-Tee Butterfly Pea Flower Tea to make this special color changing ice. Watch it turn from blue to purple with increased acidity.
Using b'Lure:
Mix 2⁄3oz b’Lure and 1 cup water.

Freeze in ice molds

Using Heart-Tee Butterfly Pea Flower Tea:

Brew 2 tea bags per 1 cup of water.
Allow to cool.

Freeze in ice molds.

Add blue ice cubes to cocktails and watch as it chages the drink to purple.  Best suited for clear cocktails such as margaritas and mojitos.

You can add extra ¼oz clarified lemon juice to the mix before freezing to make beautiful for purple ice also.

blue ice large