Hibiscus Winter Warmer Mulled Wine

April 8, 2015 00:02

Hibiscus Winter Warmer Mulled Wine

 Recipe by: Wild Hibiscus Flower Company
Serves 8

One part= 1oz or 30ml
8 parts sugar
16 parts water 
4 Heart Tee Hibiscus Tea bags 
2- 3 cinnamon sticks 
A small handful whole cloves
1 (750ml) bottle of Rioja Red Wine
½ bottle of Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum
4 parts orange juice
½ a part lemon juice 
2 oranges, thinly sliced into rounds
orange and lemon rinds 

In a sauce pan, on a low-medium heat, heat your cloves, cinnamon, orange and lemon rinds. After 2 -3 minutes add sugar, water and Heart Tee bags. Let tea steep as sugar dissolves in water. Remove from heat and remove tea bags when sugar is completely dissolved. 

In a separate saucepan combine, Rioja, rum, orange juice, lemon juice and orange rounds. Warm over a low heat for 10-12 minutes. Add sugar mixture. Strain and serve from stove top or transfer to a heat safe vessel.