"Italian Hibiscus Soda" Mocktail

April 8, 2015 03:11
Recipe By: Danielle Tatarin Owner - Consultant Designer, Cocktail Company and Beverage Director, The Keefer Bar
Serves 1

1/2 oz. Wild Hibiscus Flower Syrup
Soda Water
Hibiscus Flower

Place Hibiscus Flower standing up at bottom of Cocktail glass. Pour in chilled soda water. Lastly drizzle some Hibiscus Syrup into the cocktail for a layered effect. Stir the cocktail as you drink to distribute the syrup.

Be Creative!

Mix your favorite juice with Soda Water, Ginger Ale, Flavored Sparkling water or any carbonated beverage of your choice, add a little Hibiscus Syrup to taste and the lovely Hibiscus Flower as a garnish… It is the perfect way to take a mocktail from bland to grand!