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Lotus Root Slices Trio - 12 Slices per Jar

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No plant is more revered in ancient cultures than the sacred lotus. Lotus roots have a fascinating natural pattern with a mild flavor. #lotusrootgarnish

Sliced and combined with interesting flavors, our Lotus Root Specialty Garnishes are perfect for decorating cocktails and food.

  • The infused liquid in the jar is also an ingredient ready to be used.
  • Use the whole lotus root slice per glass or cut into smaller pieces for more serves.

Amazing natural flavors and colors to pair in with your creations.

Gin Spiced Pickle Juice

12 thin slices in a tasty gin spiced pickle brine.  A slight chili heat to add a great depth of flavor to a Bloody Mary or Martini.

Ingredients: lotus root slices (40%), vinegar, water, cane sugar, salt, spices (juniper berry, cardamom, coriander seed, chili). 

Hibiscus and Ginger Syrup

12 thin slices in a brilliant red syrup made from fresh-pressed hibiscus flowers and a hint of ginger. An intense sweet and sour punch for your next signature creation!

Ingredients: lotus root slices (40%), fresh-pressed hibiscus flower juice, cane sugar, fresh ginger

Butterfly Pea Flower and Elderflower Syrup

12 thin slices in a brilliant blue syrup made from butterfly pea flowers and elderflower. Explore the magical color change effects by adding lime or lemon juice to the syrup.

Ingredients: lotus root slices (40%), cane sugar, water, butterfly pea flower, elderflower 

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